Montreal Gets on the Baby Train

John Griffin, Montreal Gazette: “It’s funny, rueful, angry, absurd, hysterical, deadly serious, and entertaining as hell. Sort of like life.”

Anna Phelan, Hour: “A genuinely laugh-out-loud funny and moving film that manages to stay well clear of the pitfalls plaguing so much Canadian cinema. This is one baby we should be proud to call our own.”

Patricia Bailey, Playback: “The Baby Formula has charmed the Montreal media with one journalist calling it one of the festival’s best flicks.”


With press coverage like that how could we not have a great time at the Montreal World Film Festival!  We’re back in Toronto now, and I’m still reeling. The festival treated us like gold. Serge Losique, director of the festival, invited us to an amazing dinner at the Rosalie Restaurant on rue de la Montagne. Our publicist, the unstoppable Suzanne Villeneuve and her charming cohort Kim Bieszez made us feel like we were there with a 50 million dollar film. They made it all worry free: organizing every detail, and putting me at ease with their easy going, down to earth style.

Both our beautiful lead actors, Angela Vint and Megan Fahlenbock were there with us, along with Hal Eisen, one of our spectacular supporting actors. The four of us spent Monday doing interviews, and then having a little downtime before the world premiere. We had a drink at the Hyatt’s Le Cafe Fleuri and were then driven over to the Latin Quarter Cinemas, along with our entourage of about 20 family and friends. Paul, Steve and I felt incredibly supported to have our partners, parents and a great collection of friends there to share the occasion.  

It blew me away to finally see The Baby Formula, finished, on a big screen in front of a real audience. Paul says ‘this movie will definitely make you laugh, and if you’re not careful, it will also make you cry.’  True to Zimic’s prediction, the audience did both, and stuck around afterwards for a Q & A to learn some details about the making of the film.  Afterwards, we walked down Rue St. Denis to Saint Sulpice where we cracked some champaign and blissfully drank on the third floor terrasse until early Tuesday morning.

That’s going to be a hard one to top!  Next Paul and I are heading to NY where Telefilm has chosen The Baby Formula to be one of six films it’s presenting as part of Canada’s Showreel. Then we’re heading north where Cinefest Sudbury is expecting to sell out the theatre so they’ve asked us for a second exhibition copy. It feels like this Baby Train is right on track!

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