Congrats on your Actra Award Rosemary!


Rosemary with Gordon Pinsent right after winning her Actra Award

During The Baby Formula shoot there were many memorable moments, but I will never forget this one:  After shooting a particularly emotional monologue with Rosemary Dunsmore, I called ‘cut’ and looked around the room. Our first AD, Pierre Oulette was standing just off camera to provide an eye line for Rosemary to play to. Tears were streaming down his face.  My eyes tracked around the room, surveying the rest of our small crew. The camera assistants, PA’s, electrics and yes – even the grips were all wiping away tears.  That was as powerful a performance as I’ve seen on all my years on set.

Rosemary brought to life Wanda, the right wing, religious, homophobic mother of Athena brilliantly. I have watched film festival audiences wince at Wanda’s frustrating behaviour, cringe at her irritating ways, laugh at her points of view, and before you know it Rosemary finesses Wanda into a character who is worthy of empathy and whose growth warms their hearts.

Last night Rosemary Dunsmore was chosen by her peers to be the recipient of the Toronto Actra Award for Outstanding Female Performer for her work in TBF.  I am so grateful that the Actra jury saw fit to recognize her talent, and also the talent of TBF’s second nominee, the gracious Megan Fahlenbock.  Thanks to the nominating jury members: Kelsey Matheson, Alan Powell, Marcia Bennett, John Boylan, Kelly Fanson. Thanks to the final jury members: Jayne Eastwood, Maria Del Mar, Miriam Laurence, Andrew David Long and Aaron Poole. Thanks also to Cayle Chernin for facilitating the whole process, and to Actra staff members: Eda Zimler, Tasso Lakas, Clare Johnston, and Karen Ritson.

Making this film would not have been possible without the generosity of the entire stellar cast through the Actra TIP program.  Thanks, especially, to all of you. 


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