International Women’s FF in Seoul

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Hye Mee, Alison, Jin-young

Hye Mee, Alison, Jin-young

What an amazing festival! Unbelievably well organized and attended by a whopping 30,000 enthusiastic people. The Koreans are great hosts and my trip was made even better by my own personal translater, Hye Mee, who showed me the town including the market at Insadong where one could buy a snack of caterpillers, if so inclined. Jin-Young, the guest coordinator went above and beyond the call of duty. She even picked me up at the airport at 3AM. The festival director, Lee Haye-kyoung has created a thriving festival with a celebratory atmosphere. At one party for Asian Women in Film, she started dancing around the room and got all the directors up to join her. And this may sound repetitive, but guess what? The Baby Formula had sold out screenings, and the audiences loved it. They really did. The Q & A sessions afterwards were moderated by programmer extraoridinaire, Jay Sohn. The festival screened my prequel short film Succubus last year, and many of the audience members remembered it.


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  1. Yay! that’s me. :) nice picture. I came to your website to say hi.

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