What a Trip



Erwin Houtenbrink is our latest hero. He programmed The Baby Formula to the 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam – one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. Maybe straight fathers should really be considered one of our key marketing demographics because they sure step up to the plate when it comes to standing up for us. He said, “I simply loved the film. It just worked for me. I just about cried. Well, I did.”

Thanks Erwin. As a result of your invitation, Alison and I got to spend time meeting denise_evelyn1with industry pros and filmmakers from around the world. Our sold out screenings had our best audience reactions so far and prompted immediate sales inquiries. We’ve got good vibes going into the European Film Market Berlin.

Speaking of good vibes… we hitched at train to Amsterdam for a day. I love that town – there’s so much to see and do. You can walk the historic 12th century streets to the Rijksmuseum, see a live sex show, visit Anne Frank House, or a coffee shop, or the maybe the famous the Van Gogh Museum. You can even go to some places twice. The best thing would be to hook up with our friend Denise and her girlfriend Evelijn. Their tour begins with laughs then there’s Indonesian food and then it ends with laughs.


Born to be on the Big Screen

OK, here goes. On August 25, 2007 I received an email from Alison Reid. She said that she had a movie that was entirely shot but needed to be finished. Michelle Marion, a production executive at TMN (The Movie Network) in Toronto recommended that Ali contact me. Honoured that Michelle had such faith in me, I met with Ali. I watched some footage and got hooked on the performances, the look, the charm and Ali’s vision and dedication.

Super Channel and Telefilm Canada believed in her as well and they backed us up with their wallets. A dedicated group of artisans and technicians worked very hard for very little and proved once again that true talent can trump commerce. With the help of her team, Ali carved it all into 80 minutes that will make you laugh and.. if you’re not careful.. make you cry.

Coincidentally – exactly one year after Ali’s very first email to me – on August 25, 2008 THE BABY FORMULA will premiere In Competition at the Montreal World Film Festival.

So, be sure to check out one of our screenings if you are in Montreal. If not, we’ve been invited to more film festivals, so check back here at our blog for updates and video clips from the film.

Congrats Ali – you delivered.