Montreal Here We Come!

I thought things would slow down a little now that the film is finally finished. Wrong again – it’s busier than ever; just a new chapter of tasks and deadlines.

We’re excited that Megan and her baby, Arwyn (who made her debut performance in the film when she was only a couple of weeks old) will be with us in Montreal for the World Premiere. It’s still up in the air whether Angela and her babe, Maggie will be able to come. Angela and hubby, Chad are driving out to Vancouver to try out life on the west coast for a while, so they might not be settled enough to jump on a plane and head east again. That’s ok, we’ll be screening in BC sooner or later, for sure.

Paul, Steve, and I are of course loading up our respective family members and hitting the road. Yes a Baby Formula convoy heading east on the 401 on Saturday the 23rd. I’m hoping Cheryl will drive our vehicle because I’ll be doing an all-nighter on Friday stunt coordinating on John L’Ecuyer’s “The Good Times Are Killing Me”. 

I’m looking forward to being in Montreal again so much. The last time I was there, I was stunt doubling Lucie Laurier in Nitro, driving a T-Rex under an 18 wheeler. And I can’t wait to meet Suzanne Villeneuve, our Montreal publicist who’s been doing an amazing job. Mostly, though, I can’t wait to sit in the theatre and see how the first real audience reacts to the baby I’ve been hatching for the past year and a half…

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