Turkey Basters hot in Whistler


Angela Vint (star), Paul Zimic (producer), Stephen Adams (producer), Richard Beattie (writer)

turkeybasterGet a load of Zimic. When he came up with the idea of using turkey basters as our give-away marketing gift, I thought he was kidding. I was wrong. Paul distributed a few Baby Formula turkey basters around various tables at the festival and people kept picking them up. It’s not even near thanksgiving!

The festival was a great time. Especially reuniting with our star, Angela Vint , our writer, Richard Beattie and one of our producers, Steve Adams who all live in Vancouver now. We shared a condo with a hot tub, not to mention a bottle of scotch– life is good.

The tribute to Donald Sutherland was another highlight. What an incredible body of work. He was head of the Borsos jury which also included Sturla Gunnarsson and Patricia Rozema. We were honoured to be one of the 6 nominees. In the end, Jim Donovan’s Three Seasons received the award.

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